Norristown Pennsylvania Restaurants

Although Norristown could technically be classified as a suburb of Philadelphia, it is not what we like to call the "suburb" of the city. However, it is definitely a city in itself, and there are a number of great restaurants, bars and restaurants.

We had been to Alfredo's a few years ago and when my father - father-in-law - suggested we go there, we were keen to try this local hotspot again. If you ever fell into the stereotype of "hole in the wall," this fits perfectly. One thing we found a little odd about this tiny place is that it sells Pennsylvania Lottery tickets. So I think every time you have a chance to get a ticket for the big jackpot, come and grab some great food and get your number.

This tiny shop and eatery gives the city a homely feel and appeals to many people who are on the move. It is a great place for visiting families who live outside the city or for those who are visiting the area for the first time.

The panelled walls are painted pink and purple, the windows are pecked out and the waitresses know your name and greet you as soon as you enter. When the operation is dense, there are always several tables available that can always push two or three tables together in a large group. A family member, who is a frequent customer, told me that although his service is sometimes lacking, he always returns to Alfredo's because the positive aspects of the food, atmosphere, service and friendly staff far outweigh the negative. Here are some of my favorite restaurants in the city of Philadelphia and a few more I can pick out of the window.

Alfredo's is located in a former residence that was converted into a business headquarters many years ago. Most of us don't even have to look at the menu because a white board in the restaurant advertises the specialities available daily. Nothing on the plate stands out as unique or special, but each serving is accompanied by a huge portion. I ordered several variations of an egg, potato and meat platter, and they were all delicious.

The huge omelette is loaded with 8 - 10 whole slices of bacon and served with chips, onions and rye toast.

More About Norristown

More About Norristown